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The St. Louis River is maintained by the Superior Parks and Recreation Department and houses the Richard Bong Heritage Museum and anchors the northwest end of the Osaugie Waterfront Trail. On September 17th, we will host a special event at Dwight Point Park on the south side of Lake Superior. The Dwight Point Peninsula is one of our favorite spots in Superior for hiking, biking and fishing. It is very scenic and has a snow slide that you can take down to the lake by tube to have a great view of Superior and its many lakes and rivers.

The city has a number of museums dedicated to the local maritime heritage and we welcome both domestic and foreign ships. Two other interesting museums are the restored Walback Lake Superior Freighter and the St. Louis River Heritage Museum.

An increasingly popular event in Duluth and Superior is the Dragon Boat Festival Superior, which takes place in the last week of August. It is an annual festival of the local dragon boat community and is hosted by the town of Superior and its dragon boat club, the Dragon Boat Club.

Minnesota Point (also known as Park Point) is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Superior and Duluth. The falls were created by the Douglas Fault, and Minnesota Point Falls, the largest waterfall in Wisconsin, is the site of a popular network of hiking and biking trails.

On the eastern side of the harbor, Allouez Bay is well suited for birdwatching, and the Lake Superior side is lined with forests and secluded beaches. A paved, three-mile Osaugie Trail takes cyclists to the spot where Edmund Fitzgerald filled his farm with taconite. The narrow road leads to a boat - Watcher's Paradise - where boat-watchers can watch the 1,000-foot drive to the Burlington Northern Ore Terminal.

Travelers heading north used the waterway to reach Lake Superior, while travelers downstream could use the Lake Superior Water Trail to travel southwest across the St. Croix and Mississippi rivers to the Gulf of Mexico, or head south to use the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Lake Superior Water Trail. On the west side of the lake there are two hiking trails: the Lake Michigan Trail and the Wisconsin River Trail, and a two mile stretch of waterways along the east side.

The first lake-area railroads probably began operations at Lake Superior in the late 18th century and supplied ore mined there. The waterway was also an important route for the fur trade in Wisconsin until the French War with the Fox Indians closed the southern route.

The first timber factories began in the 1840s and the companies founded the Kaministiquia River, now Thunder Bay.

Superior was founded on September 6, 1854 as a city and also the seat of the newly founded Douglas County. Lake Superior Magazine would grow, but Superior grew faster when Duluth got its first railway line and dug its own harbor entrance. Superior had the only natural access to the harbor, so it had to grow faster.

The treaty acknowledged that political boundaries did not prevent pollution from pouring into the country. The mission continued, with the first in the 1930s and later in the 1990s as a principal test for a limited number of toxins.

If you are organizing an event in person or otherwise planning to attend, please follow the Assembly Restrictions set by the State of Wisconsin. If you have been to Wisconsin for a while, you should stop at the Wisconsin State Fairgrounds or if you plan to stop in the parking lot or along the freeway on the day of the event, such as Interstate 94, I-94 and / or State Rd.

If you look around, you will find honeycombs all over the festival grounds, in the parking lot and along the state road. If you are in or near the Madison area, such as Interstate 94, I-94 or State Ave. there are honeycomb farms, honeycobs and honeydew farms to buy.

Superior is managed by the Upper School District, which has more than 3,000 students in grades from elementary school through 12th grade. Superior and nearby Duluth are served by fixed-route public transportation provided by the Superior Transit Authority, which provides buses, light rail, commuter trains and buses.

The chief of the Lake Festival in Superior, Wisconsin, likes to moderate - for - like horses and competing team flags. In Ashland, you can visit the Wisconsin State Fair, the largest and most popular horse show in the country.

Thirsty pagan breweries are one of the best places to drink craft beer and listen to live music in Superior. More than 4,000 inline skaters test their skills on the 26.2-mile circuit that stretches along the northern shore of Lake Superior, and 500 cross-country skiers gather for the annual Great Lakes Cross Country Festival. Dine at Lakefront Restaurant and Bar in downtown Superior and watch over 20 blues groups perform nonstop on Bayfront.

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