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The Bear Creek Band (Bear Creek) is one of the most successful bands in the state of Wisconsin in recent years. The band has been performing since the mid-1990s, with a mix of steel drums, blues, folk, rock'n "roll and rock'n" roll. It has been a long and successful success story for the band and The Lightning has proven to be a strong musical force in Chicagoland.

The high-quality musical environment has helped make Hilary Godard a better musician, and Kaldor is grateful for the opportunity to sing great music with others. Other experiences include singing in the Duluth Chorale and singing with the U.S. Symphony Orchestra and the Chicago Symphony. The group has been performing for over 20 years, most recently as part of the Arrowhead Chorale (which they do here at Dulwich). Singing with them is a wonderful experience and one of my favourite things in life is to sing with others in such a high-quality, professional environment.

Her love of music and performance began early, and much of her vocal experience came from appearances with the Duluth Chorale and the U.S. Symphony Orchestra before moving here in 1981.

Masterson has performed with the Arrowhead Chorale for the past four seasons and has continued to perform in musical and theater productions in Stagenorth and Washburn. In 2014, she took her work to Duluth, and she fulfilled her need to sing with the arrowheads of the choir and continue to sing with worship bands. Masterson continues to perform in her hometown of St. Paul, Minnesota, with her family and friends.

Douglas County, which includes the newly reconstructed Tower Avenue, is home to a variety of local and regional bands. Her solo bass-baritone performances include the Arrowhead Chorale, St. Paul Symphony Orchestra and Douglas County Chamber Orchestra. The venues for her masterpiece were the Duluth Opera House, Stagenorth, Washburn and Stag's Bay, and the University of Wisconsin - Madison's Music Hall.

Douglas County has plenty of music to suit your taste, whether you're more into guitar riffs, country music or crooning, whatever your style. A wedding with a variety of bands will make you dance to your favourite songs and usually your wedding party will play variety music, from oldies to new songs.

Pizzazz Jazz - Pizzaz Jazz is a high quality jusizer that can fit into tight ensembles but also take you on a great solo ride. They are a jump swing band whose instrumentation allows them to do justice to pop R's, blues, rock, country, pop, jazz and more.

Gayle received a Bachelor of Arts in Music Education from the College of Saint Scholastica and has taught 7-12 music classes in Wisconsin Duluth, including Duluth and Marshall. She earned a Master of Music degree in Education from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a Master of Music degree from Wisconsin State University. The Accordion and Concertina Music Studio offers lessons for students of all ages. Singers in the choir, which represents a wide range of professions, many of which have extensive backgrounds in music, music education and art, as well as music production.

Kristin returned to the USA in autumn 2010 after a four-year stay in Germany as a student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She sang for two years in a choir at St. Mary's College of Saint Scholastica in Berlin, Germany, and then for a few years before returning to Germany and singing in the choir. The band is accompanied by a 30-member full-time choir and a small orchestra of about 20 members.

Post - Karly continued to sing collegially in the choir of St. Mary's College of Saint Scholastica in Berlin and continued to be a member of the Arrowhead Chorale at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She loves to sing with a wonderful group of musicians and is a member of the Arrow Chorale and feels honoured to be able to sing with her husband and their two daughters Kaitlin and Danielle. After training as a nurse she began a successful career as an opera singer, choir member and soloist.

She graduated from Jamestown College with a degree in music education and English classes. She is a member of the Arrow Chorale at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and holds a Bachelor of Music in Music Education and a Master of Arts in English Education. In addition to her appearances in the Lyric Opera North Choir, she has also sung with the New York City Opera, the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and has been a soloist with the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra in Chicago and the Toronto Opera Company.

She sang in the choir A Capella and Choralaires, which cemented her desire to study music in college. She received a Bachelor of Arts in Vocal Performance from the University of Wisconsin - Superior, where she was a member of the Arrow Chorale and Chorus of Superior High School and is currently pursuing a Master's degree in Music Education as a Graduate Assistant. Her musical career continues as a lecturer in music education at the Hochschule für Musik.

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