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This land is currently listed for sale (MLS # 8908367) by John Williams Real Estate, LLC of Madison, WI and is on the market until January 5, 2021. This land was listed as currently available for purchase by the owner of the property for $1.5 million.

This Douglas County neighborhood has an average price of $156 per square foot of living space for a single-family home. Other types of apartments that predominate in Superior are houses that have been converted into apartments or other small residential buildings.

Find land in Marinette County, including a vacant lot where you can build your dream home, cottage or lakeside cabin. Typically, buyers find a lot in the form of a single-family home, like this one in Athens County. Discover the perfect property in Superior to build your dreams of houses by the lake, cabins, cottages etc!

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Crivitz, which is located in Marinette County in northeastern Wisconsin, was scoured for real estate related information and is listed on Movoto as one of the top 10 properties for sale in the state of Wisconsin. For Crivitzer, WI 54114, with a $1.5 million price tag, according to the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture.

Black Diamond Realty has put Crivitz, Lakewood, Wisconsin, up for sale as one of the top 10 properties in the state with a $1.5 million price tag, according to Movoto. We specialize in the listings that represent home buyers and home sellers in Marinette County in northeastern Wisconsin and other parts of North America.

We have extensive experience in northeastern Wisconsin, including the Twin Bridge Area that surrounds Marinette County, Wisconsin, and the Great Falls Area of Minnesota. We have a long history of good relationships with many of the leading real estate agents in Marinettes County and other parts of Wisconsin.

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